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Erik Pilgrim, August 16 2022

Three ways to scale visual experiences in Salesforce.

Consumers are now, more than ever, expecting high-quality digital interactions. Did you know that  60% of eCommerce shoppers abandon their carts because they were just browsing? If you play that out, 31% will return to make a purchase, usually within just two days of their initial visit.

This is where 2D and 3D configuration tools come in to assist you with delivering an innovative experience along with reliable product information to speed up the sales cycle. 

Offering an interactive visual experience allows consumers to see what they are configuring in real-time, more relevant information about the product and its features, and the ability to adjust different parameters to their liking and finish their order.

Whether you are using CPQ or not, adding interactive visuals for your sales team (Sales Cloud), partners (Experience Cloud), and customers (Community Cloud) can reduce doubt and hesitation, leading to conversion of sales and higher profits for your company.

This is a journey, and companies have options when taking on the project to optimize the customer experience- RenderDraw’s solution can help you do it all at once or reduce the amount of change and roll things out in phases.

1.) Start with existing 2D images

Because we are transitioning from a world of PDFs and printed product catalogs, most companies already have 2D images of their products that can be re-utilized in visual configuration scenarios. 

With our image extractor tool, a Salesforce Admin can strip PDFs and gather product images to associate to Product records natively in Salesforce. These images can then be attached directly to quotes, used in a 2D drag and drop configurator, or in a Community for self-service scenarios. 

2.) Elevate to 3D the easy way

3D designers can be pricey and other digital experience platforms are not native to Salesforce, creating a disjointed experience for shoppers and employees in Sales and Service. 

To tackle 3D at scale, we re-use engineering drawings (like CAD models) and create life-like product renderings that are interactive and can be used anywhere in Salesforce.

Create a 3D product configurator for any CPQ, Commerce Cloud, Self-Service Portal, or Sales/Service Cloud, and empower your customers to interact with products in real-time. 

3.) Augmented reality, virtual reality, and beyond

According to Forbes, augmented reality improves customer engagement and can increase sales by as much as 200%. Because shoppers can view an item in the space it will occupy, they can make a more informed purchase decision. 

Allow a Sales rep to send a QR code on a quote that matches the exact configuration of a prospect's product. When the prospect scans it with their phone, they can see the product right there in their space.

Innovative customer experiences like this help keep companies ahead of the competition, shorten their sales cycles, and create a higher likelihood of a single session purchase. 

RenderDraw’s solution is equipped with the features consumers expect when making purchasing decisions. 

By providing interactive product configuration options (2D, 3D, or AR), shoppers will stay engaged for extended periods and have more accurate product information, likely reducing the sales cycle.

Because our solution is 100% native to the Salesforce platform, you will also be able to report on this data to learn even more about your customers to ensure you continue improving interactions at every turn. 

If you are interested in shortening your sales cycles and improving your customer experience with interactive visual experiences, schedule a call here.

Written by

Erik Pilgrim

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