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Configure. Sell. Service.

Captivate your users, customers, and partners with beautiful interactive 2D + 3D visualizations.

How can RenderDraw help your business?

Offer a visual configurator

With our Salesforce Admin friendly suite, your internal team can upload, render and relate any existing 3D CAD models to your CPQ. Whether it be Salesforce CPQ, Conga, or a custom CPQ- allow your customers, partners and users to interact and visualize in real-time what they are configuring.

Increase sales conversions

Create a faster sales cycle by empowering your internal sales team with interactive product visuals in Sales Cloud to better serve your customers and partners. At the click of a button they can visualize, configure and quote without ever leaving the Salesforce platform.

Scale self-service

Apply interactive visuals to your branded help centers, communities or portals. Customers and partners can log on and see their previous purchases to learn more via knowledge articles, click a component and kick-off a part re-order workflow or explode the model to fix an issue themselves.

Dynamic Floor Plans and Layouts

Responsive Visualization

Allow your sales team to see what spaces are available and know their exact specs to better meet your customers needs.

Report Friendly

Run customized Salesforce reports and visualize when certain properties are available for lease or sale.

Increase Productivity

Instead of using PDFs or other resources outside of Salesforce, provide visuals alongside the Account, Contact or Opportunity.

Easy to customize

Use existing floor plan images or use our 2D director to draw your own with clicks, not code.

Increase productivity for your internal teams and create a cohesive customer experience by simply adding interactive visualizations.


Visual Guided Selling

Interactive Visuals

Drive meaningful brand shopping experiences by allowing customer to visualize and interact, in real-time, with the product they are configuring.

Enhanced Experience

Create a positive, sharable experience that distinguishes your brand from your competitors and build trust that keeps your customers loyal.

Increase Conversions

When customers and partners are able to see and interact with their potential purchase, cart conversions increase by up to 50%.

Easy to customize

No matter what CPQ you currently have or are looking to implement, we work with them all. From Salesforce CPQ to Conga or even a custom CPQ.

Increase conversions, average order value, and enhance your customer's experience with real-time visuals during configuration.


Interactive Self-Service

Enhanced Self-Service

Provide interactive visuals for effortless self-service. Offer visual product walk-throughs with step-by-step processes and end-to-end workflows.

Explode 3D Models

Customers and partners can explode a model, click on a part and either read a knowledge article on how to fix it or kick-off a re-order workflow without ever having to speak to a customer service rep.

Increase Productivity

Free up your agents for more complex requests by empowering your customers to manage their accounts quickly and easily.

Easy to customize

Personalize every touchpoint with interactive visuals so customers can learn more about a product, resolve small issues and become brand advocates.

Scale self-service with interactive visualization in your branded help-centers, communities or portals for your customers and partners.


Solutions for Every Cloud

Let's take a look at some more use cases,

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Sales Cloud

Reduce the time required to configure BOMs with interactive 3D models and provide sales teams with related product insights to increase overall productivity.

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B2B Commerce

Offer a virtual guided selling experience for your customers and partners with real-time interactive product configuration.

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Service Cloud

Enable service teams to become product experts. Explode 3D models and kick off a workflow to re-order a part in seconds, improving your overall customer satisfaction.

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Bring interactive 2D images & 3D models to your branded help centers, communities, or portals to scale self-service for your customers and partners.

Experience Cloud
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Create a visual configurator with any existing CPQ app (Salesforce CPQ, Conga, or a custom CPQ). Allow your users and customers can see what they are configuring in real-time with an interactive 2D or 3D visualization.

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Commerce Cloud

Enhance your customer's cohesive experience from discovery to delivery, and beyond with detailed 3D models of your products.

100 % Native to Salesforce

The only Salesforce native interactive visualization platform. We integrate directly with all Salesforce Clouds, Apps and Objects to bring 2D + 3D to your workflows so you never have to leave the Salesforce platform to configure, sell, or service your products.


Don't reinvent the wheel. Leverage existing 2D images or 3D CAD drawings where they exist and relate them to any Salesforce objects or processes. No need for additional servers, configurators or expensive 3D designers.

Re-use your creative assets

Scale from 2D to 3D and beyond

Start your path to interactive visualization by using existing images to create a 2D drag-and-drop visual configurator, layouts or floor-plans. Then re-use CAD drawings, for real-time 3D visual guided selling or interactive self-service when you are ready.


Everything you need and more

RenderDraw is your fastest path to interactive 2D + 3D visualization in Salesforce

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