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Erik Pilgrim, January 20 2020

3D Anywhere in Salesforce - Quick Actions

Quick Actions are a valuable tool in the Salesforce Admin's toolbelt. Having the ability to add 3D models to a pop-up quick action is a great and handy way to visualize products (or any other object within Salesforce that you want).

We can start by creating a Quick Action from the Object Manager. In our example, we will be adding a Quick Action to the Product record. 

Select the Action Type "Lightning Component" and select either SimpleRenderer or FileSelector (both in RDraw namespace) for use with this Product object. 

For Reference, 

Once selected, Label and save your Quick Action. 

With your newly minted Quick Action, modify your layout, and add the quick action to your layout

For reference, here is the FileSelector component being added to the Opportunity Layout 

A great added benefit of utilizing Quick Actions is we get use of our 3D renderings on a button within mobile, as pictured here:

Being able to utilize 3D within Quick Actions brings us closer to having 3D everywhere within Salesforce. Quick Actions can be used on nearly all objects within Salesforce, and for our usage here, are a good way of providing insight through 3D renderings without taking over the page or app. The rendering is only displayed / fetched when the user clicks the action, saving bandwidth, while providing the value when needed.  

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Erik Pilgrim

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