Rendering Existing 3D drawings based on Salesforce Object via a conventional relationship

Erik Pilgrim, October 22 2019

So you want to setup 3D renderings within Salesforce, but your files are hosted all over the place. Your product renderings are in /products/ subdirectory on your web server while your case-related service renderings are stored in the cloud. What is a Salesforce admin to do? Utilizing Salesforce metadata, we can create and ship settings for our app...

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Creating Custom 3D Salesforce components using RenderDraw's SimpleRenderer

Erik Pilgrim, September 13 2019

If you would prefer to not read background info, the source for this is available here and the video example of the code is available below. The reason we took the time to create RenderDraw was due to a lack of options when it comes to rendering 3D within the Salesforce Platform. After speaking with dozens of  manufacturing companies with a desire...

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