RenderDraw docs

Quick Setup of RenderDraw

Setting up RenderDraw within Salesforce is simple. Follow these 4 steps and you'll be ready to view your 3D drawings in Salesforce.


Install and Setup CSP

Installing the RenderDraw package and a review of RenderDraw settings

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Setup your endpoint for use with RenderDraw

RenderDraw requests images from your server using HTTPS and CORS. This video breaks down using these with Google Cloud Platform as an example.


Initial RenderDraw Relationship and viewing 3D Renderings on  records

RenderDraw allows you to use any Salesforce Object to display your 3D renderings natively. This video covers how to add the needed 3D Components to a screen, with the default settings on the Product object in Salesforce.


In-depth setup RenderDraw Relationships and view 3D Renderings on  records

Create relationships based on a schema (either defined in Salesforce fields or as overrides) that allow for reliable fetching of Renderings based on objects- Even on custom objects!

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